Biopolymers. Volume 7 : polyamides & complex proteinaceous materials I


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Biopolymers represent the most abundant organic compounds in the biosphere and constitute the largest fraction of cells. Seven main classes of biopolymers are distinguished according to their chemical structures. This encyclopedia provides a throughout overview of the occurrence and metabolism of biopolymers. In addition, processes for biotechnological production, isolation from organisms and modification, material properties and technical applications in various areas such as, for example, in daily life products, medicine, pharmacy, food industry, agriculture, textiles, chemical industry and packaging industry are provided. The future perspectives of biopolymers are outlined. Volumes 7 and 8 focus on polyamides and complex proteinaceous materials synthesized by bacteria and eukaryotic organisms. All aspects of the biosynthesis and metabolism of these biopolymers as well as the production and isolation are described. Topics included are: Poly(g-D-glutamate), Cyanophycin, modifications of proteins, Sweet-tasting proteins, Motor proteins, Enzymes for technical applications, Self-assembling proteins, Cell membranes, Feathers, Elastic proteins, Silk proteins, Adhesive proteins, Protein composites, Wool, Collagens and gelatines.
Poly(g-D-Glutamic Acid) CyanophycinPolyaspartic AcidModifications of Proteins and Poly(aminoacids) by Enzymatic and Chemical MethodsOptoelectronic Materials from Bacteriorhodopsin Sweet-Tasting ProteinsSelf-Assembling Protein MaterialsMotor Proteins and Motile ProteinsEnzymes for Technical ApplicationsProteins Containing Non-Natural Amino AcidsSelf-Assembling Protein Systems: Microbial S-LayersTargeting of ProteinsRibosomal Protein BiosynthesisSeed Storage ProteinsPoly-e-LysineHeavy Metal Binding ProteinsCrystallization of ProteinsProteasomesNon-Ribosomal Biosynthesis of Linear and Cyclic OligopeptidesCell Membranes -Protein Components and FunctionSelf-Assembling Protein Systems: Application in Nanotechnology