Comprehensive toxicology, 2nd Ed (14 vols set)


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Volume 1: General Principles

Volume 2: Cellular and Molecular Toxicology

Volume 3: Toxicology Testing and Evaluation

Volume 4: Biotransformation

Volume 5: Toxicology and the Immune System

Volume 6: Cardiovascular Toxicology

Volume 7: Renal Toxicology

Volume 8: Toxicology of the Respiratory System

Volume 9: Hepatic Toxicology

Volume 10: Reproductive and Endocrine Toxicology

Volume 11: Developmental Toxicology

Volume 12: Nervous Systems and Behavioral Toxicology

Volume 13: Carcinogenesis

Volume 14: Index

Toxicology researchers, academic and medical libraries, medical practitioners, food science researchers, environmental researchers and consultants, forensic scientists, and occupational health and safety institutes.