Epigenetics and Breeding
Advances in Botanical Research Series, Vol. 88

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Epigenetics and Breeding, Volume 88, the latest release in the Advances in Botanical Research series, brings together the experiences and critical information teachers, researchers and managers must consider from both scientific and legal points-of-view as they relate to biotechnology. New chapters in this updated volume include sections on Epigenetic Mechanisms in Plants, Epigenomic Diversity and Applications to Breeding, Epigenetics in Breeding, EpiRILs: Lessons from Arabidopsis, Transposable Elements as a Tool for Plant Improvement, Epigenome Editing, Epigenetics and Grafting, Sexual and Non-sexual reproduction, Epigenetics in Cereals, and more.

  • Encompasses various aspects of botanical research, including its historical background, current status, recent research outcomes and potential future developments
  • Written by highly competent authors from all continents
  • Provides data that is based on facts and written in a dispassionate and non-polemical tone

1. Epigenetics, an introduction Peter Meyer 2. Epigenetic mechanisms in plants Taisuke Nishimura 3. Epigenomic diversity and applications to breeding/ Epigenetics in breeding : methods and strategies Chad Niederhuth 4. EpiRILs : lessons from Arabidopsis Sandra Cortijo 5. Transposable elements as a tool for plant improvement Etienne Bucher 6. Epigenome editing: current state of the art and possible applications for plant breeding Antonio Granell 7. Epigenetics and grafting Emeline Teyssier 8. Sexual and non-sexual reproduction: inheritance and stability of epigenetic variations and consequences for breeding applications Tzung-Fu Hsieh 9. Epigenetic contribution to Hybrid Vigour Ryo Fujimoto 10. The control of bud break and flowering time in plants: contribution of epigenetic mechanisms and consequences in agriculture and breeding Luis Fernando Revers 11. Epigenetic regulations of Fleshy fruit development and ripening Philippe Gallusci 12. Epigenetic in cereals Marie Mirouze 13. Trees Stephane Maury

High School teachers; University lecturers and professors; researchers (primarily in plant field); governmental (or supra governmental like European Commission) or International organization (like FAO, etc.) officers involved in food or environmental safety or in biotechnology regulation; science journalists; farmer organizations (like NFU in the UK)