Plants as a Source of Natural Antioxidants


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A comprehensive overview of both traditional and current knowledge on the health effects of plant based antioxidants, this book reviews medicinal and aromatic plants from around the world. It covers the different sources of antioxidants including essential oils, algae and marine microorganisms, as well as the role of abiotic and biotic stresses, endophytes, transgenic approaches in scavenging ROS and antioxidant plants used in different therapeutic systems.

1. Plants of Indian Traditional Medicine with Antioxidant Activity

2. Natural Antioxidants from Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants

3. Review on Antioxidant Potential of African Medicinal and Food Plants

4. Antioxidant Plants from Brazil

5. Antioxidant Characteristics of Korean Edible Wild Plants

6. Algae as Natural Source of Antioxidant Active Compounds

7. Antioxidant Potential of Marine Microorganisms: A Review

8. Biotechnology for Plants with Increased Levels of Antioxidants

9. Plant-Derived Antioxidants as Food Additives

10. Antioxidants: Biochemical Activity and Therapeutic Role in Plants and Humans

11. Pharmacology of Medicinal Plants Having Antioxidant Activity

12. Endophytic Fungal Association of Plants and Antioxidant Compounds

13. Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Formation of Antioxidant Compounds

14. Oxidative Stress and Role of Mushrooms as Reservoir of Potentially Active Natural Antioxidants – An Overview