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This book is intended both as a resource for engineers and as an introduction to the layman about our most important metal system. After an introduction that deals with the history and refining of iron and steel, the rest of the book examines their physical properties and metallurgy. To elaborate on the importance of iron and steel, we can refer to the fact that modern civilization as we know it would not be possible without it. Steel is essential in the machinery necessary for manufacturing that meets our needs.
1. General introduction. 2. Early history of iron and steel. 3. Modern steel making. 4. Constitution of carbon steels, 5. Plastic strength. 6. Annealing. 7. Deformation mechanisms and crystallographic textures. 8. Substitutional solid solutions. 9. Interstitial solid solutions. 10. Diffusion. 11. Strain aging. 12. Austenite transformation. 13. Hardenability. 14. Tempering and surface hardening. 15. Low-carbon steel. 16. Sheet steel formability. 17. Alloy steels. 18. Other steels. 19. Stainless steels, 20. Fracture. 21. Cast irons. 22. Magnetic behavior of iron and steel. Appendix 1. Physical properties of pure iron. Appendix 2. Approximate hardness conversions and tensile strengths of steels.