Well-Organized Inorganic Nanowire Films
Assemblies and Functionalities

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This thesis presents the latest findings on macroscopic-scale nanowire thin films composed of integrated nanowires. It introduces readers to essential synthesis and assembly strategies for the design and fabrication of high-quality nanowire thin films, and discusses their underlying principles in detail.

The book highlights examples specific to well-aligned nanowire systems, and explores the applications of nanowire systems, including memory devices, flexible transparent electrodes, etc. The book offers a valuable resource for researchers and graduate students working in materials science, especially in nanowire device fabrication.
Nominated as an outstanding Ph.D. thesis by the University of Science and Technology of China - Introduces dozens of strategies for macroscopic-scale nanowire assemblies and elaborates the principles behind them

Provides hundreds of examples specific to well-aligned nanowire systems - Winner of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations Award (2015)