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544 p. · 23.5x17.5 cm · Hardback
Algebra. Geometry. Trigonometry. Plane analytic geometry. Space analytical geometry. Elementary functions. Differential calculus. Sequences and series. Integral calculus. Vector analysis. Functions of a complex variable. Fourier series. Higher transcendent functions. Ordinary differential equations. Partial differential equations. Laplace transforms. Numerical methods. Probability and statistics. Tables of indefinite integrals. Tables of definite integrals. Plane, curved and areas. Space curves and surfaces.
Algebra. Geometry. Trigonometry. Plane Analytic Geometry. Space Analytic Geometry. Elementary Functions. Differential Calculus. Sequences and Series. Integral Calculus. Vector Analysis. Functions of a Complex Variable. Fourier Series. Higher Transcendent Functions. Ordinary Differential Equations. Partial Differential Equations. Laplace Transforms. Numerical Methods. Probability and Statistics. Table of Indefinite Integrals. Tables of Definite Integrals. Plane Curves and Areas. Space Curves and Surfaces. Appendices: A: Numerical Tables. B: Glossary of Symbols and Mathematics Terms. C: Units of Measurement and Conversions Between International and U. S. Customary Systems. D: Sample Problems, Mathematics Programs, and Modern Handheld Calculators. E: References and Bibliography.
This book provides all of the important mathematics essentials to help engineers, technicians, and other technical specialists solve problems on the job. This third edition includes new material on logarithms, cubic and quartic equations, Molleweide equations, standard curves and their analytical equations, maxima and minima equations, Freudenstein relationship equations and their derivatives complex and simple percentage problems. In addition it offers for the first time a glossary of mathematical terms.