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The selection and application of fans in mechanical systems. Terminology for axial flow and centrifugal fans. Conversion factors. Basics of stationary and moving air. Airfoils and single-thickness sheet metal. Fan laws. Axial flow fans. Centrifugal fans. Mixed flow fans. Roof ventilators. Cross-flow blowers. Regenerative blowers. Testing of fans per AMCA. Ventilation requirements.
Basics of Staionary and Moving Air. Airfoils and Single-Thickness Sheet Metal Profiles. Types of Fans, Terminology, and MechanicalConstruction. Axial-Flow Fans. Fan Laws. System Resistance. Contrifugal Fans. Fan Selection, Specific Speed, Examples. Axial-Centrifugal Fans. Roof Ventilators. Ventilation Requirements and Duct Systems. Agriculatural Ventilation Requirements. Cross-Flow Blowers. Flow Coefficient and Pressure Coefficient. Vortex Blowers. Various Methods to Drive a Fan. Fanless Air Movers. Performance Testing of Fans. Vacuum Cleaners. Fan Perforamnce as Shown in Catalogs. Air Curtains. Ceiling Fans. AMCA Standards. Mechanical Strength. Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving. Installation, Safety, and Maintenance.
This handbook provides practical information and data on the design, selection, application and maintenance of fans of all types and includes all the necessary specifications, graphics, drawings, charts and tables needed to design or select the appropriate fan for a particular need.