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Facility service functions and environmental regulations. Safety in the workplace. Fire hazards and prevention. Heating process, and power boiler systems. Boiler operation and maintenance. Prime movers. Steam engines and steam turbines. Internal combustion engines and turbines. Basic electric circuits. Generators and motors. Electric power distribution. Transformers. Rectifiers and lighting. Refrigeration and air conditioning. General maintenance. Inspection and testing, and administration. Water supply. Treatment and disposal. Fluid movers. Pumps. Compressed air systems. Air movers. Fans and blowers.
Facility Service Functions and Regulations. Safety in the Workplace. Fire Hazards and Prevention. Water Supply, Treatment, and Disposal. Fluid Movers-Pumps. Compressed Air Systems. Air Movers: Fans and Blowers. Heating, Process, and Power Boiler Systems. Boiler Operation and Maintenance. Prime Movers: Steam Engines and Steam Turbines. Internal Combustion Engines and Turbines. Basic Electric Circuits, Generators, and Motors. Electric Power Distribution, Transformers, Rectifiers, and Lighting. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. General Maintenance and Administration.