Water in Textiles and Apparel
Consumption, Footprint, and Life Cycle Assessment

Coordinator: Muthu Subramanian Senthilkannan

Language: Anglais
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Water in Textiles and Apparel: Consumption, Footprint, and Life Cycle Assessment provides a thorough analysis of one of the most urgent issues facing the textiles industry. As water is essential to the textile production system, and as availability of water is reduced due to natural and anthropogenic factors, the industry must respond. With a thorough treatment of both life cycle assessment and water footprint perspectives, this book provides practical strategies for responsible water use across the textile supply chain. Readers will learn essential information from research and industry case studies that will help them understand the textile industry?s role in this issue.

  • Combines different perspectives, life cycle assessment, government policies, businesses strategies, and case studies to provide a holistic view on the topic
  • Addresses water consumption in every life cycle phase of textile production
  • Explores emerging strategies for water conservation in the textiles sector

1. Introduction – Water 2. Global Scenario – Water in Textile Production Hubs 3. Water and Textiles 4. Water Footprint 5. LCA and Water Footprint 6. Water Withdrawal and Conservation – Global Scenario 7. Sustainable Strategies and Water Conservation 8. Water Footprint/Consumption of Textile Products – Case Studies 9. Water Conservation Measures in Textiles 10. Future – Water and Fashion

Environmental, quality, and operations managers of textile companies. Postgraduates and researchers in disciplines including textiles, fashion, apparel, textile chemistry, environmental science, chemistry, and printing technology.
Dr S. S. Muthu works at Global Sustainability Services, Hong Kong