Advanced Nanomaterials for Membrane Synthesis and Its Applications
Micro and Nano Technologies Series

Coordinators: Lau Woei Jye, Ismail Ahmad Fauzi, Isloor Arun M., Al-Ahmed Amir

Language: Anglais
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Advanced Nanomaterials for Membrane Synthesis and Its Applications provides the academic and industrial communities the most up-to-date information on the latest trends in membrane nanomaterials and membrane nanotechnology used in wastewater treatment, environmental technology and energy. The rapid advances in nanomaterials and nanotechnology development over the past decade have resulted in significant growth of the membrane business for various industrial processes, particularly in nanotechnology-based membrane processes. While membrane technology is increasingly being used for liquid and gas separations, it has great potential in a variety of additional applications.

As the worldwide academic community has a strong interest in advanced membrane processes, particularly membrane nanotechnology for specific separations, this book provides a timely update on the topic.

  • Presents a unique focus on the use of advanced nanomaterials in membrane fabrication/modification, and in the description of membrane nanotechnologies, such as nanofiltration, thin film nanocomposites and nanofibers for various applications
  • Describes next generation membranes, providing first resource details on the development and commercialization stages of these new membranes
  • Represents the state-of-the-art on the use of nanomaterials in membrane science

Section 1: Water/Wastewater 1. Advanced nanomaterials used in mixed matrix membranes fabrication for ultrafiltration applications 2. Role of advanced functionalized nanomaterials in forward osmosis 3. Novel adsorptive ultrafiltration membranes incorporated with nanofillers to address heavy metal issues in environment 4. Development of nanofiber-based materials for solid-liquid separation 5. Thin film nanocomposite (TFN) membrane for water treatment 6. Development of high-flux/high-selectivity nanofiltration membranes

Section 2: Environment 7. Incorporation of inorganic nanofillers into polymeric membrane for improvement in CO2 removal 8. Nanostructured polymeric membrane for acid gas removal from natural gas 9. Metal oxide enhanced microfiltration for selective removal of Co and Sr ions from nuclear laundry wastewater 10. Fabrication of nanomaterials-doped nanofiltration membranes using modified colloidal sol-gel process for radioactive effluent treatment

Section 3: Energy 11. Nanomaterial incorporated SPEEK based proton conducting membranes: Properties and application 12. Progress in the use of ionic liquids as electrolyte membranes 13. Metal organic frameworks in Membrane Technology 14. Current development pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) membrane for energy generation 15. Fouling resistant nanocomposite cation exchange membrane with enhanced power generation for reverse electrodialysis

Materials Scientists, Environmental engineers, materials chemists, physicists, researchers working on nanomaterials, especially those with environmental and energy applications