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Mastering clinical skills is the cornerstone of first rate care in medicine. This book teaches medical students how to ask the right questions, examine patients correctly, and to interpret commonly used tests such as the ECG and chest x-ray, in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Case histories are used to cover common difficulties and solutions, and practical tips are provided throughout.
Introduction - about this book. About the wards. General aspects of clinical skills. Cardiovascular system. Respiratory system. Abdomen. Rectal examination. Arms. Hands. Legs. Cranial nerves. Neck. Joints. Spot diagnoses. Electrocardiogram. Chest X-ray. Practical procedures. Exams - Finals short cases, long cases and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).
Aimed primarily at clinical students and juniors in both medicine and nursing, and medical students preparing for OSCEs and data interpretation examinations. This book is also useful for general hospital ward nurses and family practitioners
  • Provides clear, practical guidance on all aspects of history-taking, physical examination, and practical procedures
  • Covers how to take a history, elicit and evaluate problems, the method of examining a patient, and how to interpret the significance of findings
  • Takes a systems-based approach in line with current teaching methods
  • Common difficulties are discussed and solutions suggested