Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology (2nd Ed.)


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This book presents both common and uncommon dermatologic differential diagnoses in a problem-oriented manner. Unlike other atlases that catalogue diseases, it stresses the viewpoint of the clinician. A repeatable and discerning approach to evaluating skin diseases is the unifying theme.

Algorithms, clinical photographs, and tables that compare diseases present specific points important in arriving at the correct diagnosis.

To facilitate accurate diagnoses, several different approaches have been used: the reader who knows the differential diagnosis in question can go directly to the appropriate table or discussion as appropriate. If the diagnosis is unclear, possible diagnoses can be obtained by following the algorithms presented at the beginning of each chapter.

In each chapter, tables of differential diagnoses for different types of eruptions or neoplasms are included with accompanying illustrative photographs. The aetiology, important clinical features, and therapy for each disease are succinctly presented in the last section of each chapter.

New for this edition, the final chapter provides a series of self-assessment cases, including explanations at each stage of the diagnostic process, with which the reader can test their knowledge
- 1. Scalp
- 2. Face
- 3. Oral mucosa
- 4. Hands and Feet
- 5. Nail diseases
- 6. Legs
- 7. Genitalia
- 8. Papulosquamous diseases
- 9. Excoriations
- 10. Vesicular and bullous diseases
- 11. Macular and urticarial rashes
- 12. Generalized pustular eruptions
- 13. Epidermal growths
- 14. Pigmented growths
- 15. Benign dermal neoplasms
- 16. Malignant dermal neoplasms
- 17. Self-assessment
Dermatologists, Primary Care Physicians
Klaus F Helm MD - Associate Professor
James G Marks MD - Professor
Galen T Foulke MD - Assistant Professor

All at Departments of Medicine and Pathology, Pennsylvannia State University College of Medicine, Hershey, USA