Encyclopedia of Environmental Health (2nd Ed.)

Editor-in-Chief: Nriagu Jerome O.

Language: Anglais
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Encyclopedia of Environmental Health has become a fundamental reference in its field. This new edition updates and broadens the umbrella of environmental health, especially on the nexus of social and environmental health. There is ongoing revolution in governance, policies and intervention strategies aimed at evolving changes in health disparities, disease burden, trans-boundary transport or health hazards. This new edition reflects these realities, mapping new directions in the field. The underlying view is that while environmental health must deal with threats and how to minimize them, it has also created a wonderful framework for developing new scientific paradigms to address emerging local, national and global environmental concerns.

  • Up to date and comprehensive: this works represents a one-stop resource for scientifically reliable information on environmental health; the new edition fills a critical gap of information in one of the most rapidly growing scientific field of our time
  • Global approach: provides comparative approaches to environmental health practice and research in different countries and regions of the world, providing an overview of social determinants of environmental health
  • Educational resource: articles in the encyclopedia seek to conceptualize the issues behind specific questions, describe the best available scientific methods for environmental risk assessment and heighten appreciation of social, economic and political contexts

Noise Pollution: Exposure and Health Effects Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Health Pollution Sources and Human Health Environmental Epidemiology Water Quality and Quantity Global Environmental Health Country and Area Specific Environmental Health Issues Disparities and Social Determinants of Environmental Health Metals/Metalloids: Exposure and Health Effects Environmental Microbiology Guidelines and Regulations Air Pollution and Human Health

Prof. Nriagu was the Editor-in-Chief of the first edition of this encyclopedia. He was the Editor of Science of the Total Environment for more than 25 years, Founding Editor of Global Health Perspectives and has served on the editorial boards of many other journals. He taught global environmental health for years and has conducted research in many foreign countries including India, Mongolia, Qatar, Jordan, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Jamaica and Brazil. He has served as scientific advisor to many agencies and international organizations including the World Bank, World Health Organization, United Nations University, US Environmental Protection Agency, Alberta Ministry of the Environment, International Center for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences (Jamaican government), etc. His accolades include Alexander van Humboldt Distinguished Research Award, Honorary Doctor of Science degree (University of Alberta, Canada) and he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Dr. Nriagu was on the faculty and Director of the environmental health program in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Michigan for over 20 years. Before that he was senior Research Scientist with Environment Canada and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Waterloo. He is currently Professor Emeritus, School of Public Health and Research Professor Emeritus, Center for Human Growth & Development, University of Michigan.