Introduction to biomedical engineering (2nd Ed.)


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Substantial yet reader-friendly, this introduction examines the living system from the molecular to the human scale–presenting bioengineering practice via some of the best engineering designs provided by nature, from a variety of perspectives. Domach makes the field more accessible for students, helping them to pick up the jargon and determine where their skill sets may fit in. He covers such key issues as optimization, scaling, and design, and introduces these concepts in a sequential, layered manner. Analysis strategies, science, and technology are illustrated in each chapter.
OVERVIEW OF BIOENGINEERING AND MODERN BIOLOGY. What Is Bioengineering? Cellular and Molecular Building Blocks of Living Systems. SYSTEM PRINCIPLES OF LIVING SYSTEMS. Mass Conservation, Cycling, and Kinetics. Requirements and Features of a Functional and Coordinated System. Bioenergetics. BIOMOLECULAR AND CELLULAR FUNDAMENTALS AND ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS. Molecular Basis of Catalysis and Regulation. Analysis of Molecular Binding Phenomena. Applications and Design in Biomolecular Technology. Metabolic and Tissue Engineering. MEDICAL ENGINEERING. Primer on Tissues and Organs. Biomechanics. Biofluid Mechanics. Biomaterials. Pharmacokinetics. Noninvasive Sensing and Signal Processing.