PG Textbook of Pediatrics - Three Volume Set (2nd Ed.)
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The new edition of this three volume set has been fully revised to provide trainees with the latest information in the field of paediatrics.

Volume 1: General Pediatrics and Neonatology provides an overview of the subject and explains basic sciences, intensive care and emergencies, and various disorders in the neonatal, childhood and adolescent years.

Volume 2: Infections and Systemic Disorders covers the diagnosis and management of diseases and disorders in different systems of the body.

Volume 3: Systemic Disorders and Social Pediatrics continues the discussion on systemic disorders and also describes social issues in child health. A final chapter explains laboratory values and drug doses.

Each chapter features summary points and suggested reading, and treatment, management and diagnostic boxes are coloured yellow, green and pink to assist understanding.

Pediatrics in all its complexity and comprehensiveness covered completely in three volumes, 10 parts, 51 sections, and 600+ chapters. Systemic arrangement of the entire subject in 10 Parts; starting from introduction to pediatrics, basic sciences, intensive care and emergencies; moving on to problems of the newborn infant, the child, and the adolescent; and culminating with exhaustive treatise on infectious disorders, systemic pediatrics, and social issues in child health; followed by extensive annexures on drug formulary and laboratory values. Each chapter contains summary points in a nutshell and suggested reading. Comparable to its previous edition, this new edition is fully coloured with each chapter consisting of well-illustrative diagrams, photographs, tables and boxes with simplified texts. In this edition, treatment, management and diagnostic boxes have been colored as yellow, green and pink to make them different and to retain its significance in the chapters.

Postgraduates and trainees in paediatrics
Piyush Gupta MD FAMS FIAP
Professor of Paediatrics, University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi, India