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Principles of Heart Valve Engineering is the first comprehensive resource for heart valve engineering and covers the definitive, state of the art technology. The chapters include a wide range of topics including engineering, biology, epidemiology, imaging and cardiovascular medicine focused on heart valves, therapies and how to develop safer and more durable artificial valves. It provides thorough foundational content covering the entirety of the field, and then moves through to applications, covering computational methods and modelling.

It is suitable for an interdisciplinary audience, with contributions from bioengineers and cardiologists. It also includes coverage of valvular development and potential future development. The content in this book will help engineers to develop safer and more durable artificial valves. This book provides an opportunity for bioengineers to study all topics related to heart valve engineering in a single book written by experts

  • Covers the depth and breadth of this interdisciplinary area of research
  • Encompasses a wide range of topics from basic science through to translational applications of heart valve engineering
  • Contributions from leading experts in the field and heavily illustrated in color

1. Clinical Anatomy of Heart Valves 2. Heart Valves' Mechanobiology 3. Epidemiology of Heart Valve Disease 4. Surgical Heart Valves 5. Transcatheter Heart Valves 6. Tissue Engineered Heart Valves 7. Imaging Heart Valves 8. Computational Modeling 9. In Vitro Experimental Methods 10. Transvalvular Flow 11. Heart Valves' Leaflet Preparation 12. Heart Valve Calcification 13. Immunological Considerations 14. Polymeric Heart Valves 15. Regulatory Considerations

Dr. Arash Kheradvar has devoted his career to cardiovascular sciences. His research interests are focused on cardiovascular engineering with emphasis on novel technologies for cardiac imaging, heart valve engineering, and image-based modeling of cardiac diseases. His major contributions to the field of cardiovascular are: (1) Echocardiographic Particle Image Velocimetry, (2) characterization of cardiovascular vortex formation and vortex imaging, which are internationally recognized by the cardiovascular community, and (3) design and development of novel heart valves and delivery systems including a percutaneous aortic (FOLDAVALVE), a hybrid self-regenerative and a bi-leaflet dynamic mitral valve DYNAMITRAL). He has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and is the lead inventor of more than 45 issued, pending and provisional patents, mostly on heart valves and cardiac imaging.

He founded KLAB in 2007; the Kheradvar research group. Their aim is to devise solutions in cardiovascular fundamental and translational research areas. KLAB is focused on research areas related to Heart Valve Engineering, Cardiovascular Imaging, and Cardiac Mechanics. The projects at KLAB are at the intersection of engineering, mathematical sciences, clinical cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, and developmental biology. Their ultimate goal is to help patients with heart disease by developing better diagnostic tools and more efficient therapeutic devices.