Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd Ed.)


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Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis
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Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis
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Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis, 2nd edition, is a practical text that provides the beginning researcher with a clear description of how behavior analysts conduct applied research and submit it for publication. In a sequence of ten logical steps, the text covers the elements of single-case research design and the practices involved in organizing, implementing, and evaluating research studies. This revision includes new material on how to critique a journal article and how to extract treatment ideas from published studies. The novice researcher receives a "steps for success" approach that is brief, useful, to the point, and clearly delineated.



Part I: A Brief Introduction to Behavior Analysis Research 

Part II: Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis: Ten Steps for Successful Research 

Step 1: Determine Your "Research-Ready" Situation; Select Your General Topic, Find a Great Setting and Participants 

Step 2: Narrow Down Your Research Question 

Step 3: Decide on and Define Your Dependent and Independent Variables 

Step 4: Establish Social Validity 

Step 5: Create Your Data Collection Systems 

Step 6: Pilot Test Your Key Variables 

Step 7: Identify the Appropriate Research Design 

Step 8: Conduct an Ethics Check  Step 9: Carry Out Your Research Project 

Step 10: Graph and Analyze Your Data  

Part III: Evaluating Behavioral Research 

Part IV: Using Applied Research Findings in Clinical and Educational Settings 

Part V: Going Public 



About the Authors

Jon S. Bailey, PhD, is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Florida State University where he teaches graduate courses for behavior analysts. Dr. Bailey is a founding director of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, and he is past president of the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA).

Mary R. Burch, PhD, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst®. Dr. Burch has more than twenty-five years of experience in developmental disabilities. She has been a behavior specialist, QMRP, unit director, and consulting behavior analyst in developmental disabilities, mental health, and preschool settings.