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The new edition of this infertility manual has been fully revised to provide clinicians with the latest advances in the diagnosis and management of infertility.
Divided into seven sections, the book provides step by step guidance on each stage of the process, from initial examination and identifying the causes of infertility in both females and males, to ovarian stimulation and assisted reproduction techniques.

The final section is dedicated to laboratory management covering topics such as follicular fluid screening and oocyte assessment, culture systems, and cryopreservation.

The fourth edition includes new chapters on molecular mechanisms such as endometrial receptivity, and implantation; and current trends such as the embryoscope and assisted hatching.

The comprehensive text is further enhanced by case studies, clinical photographs, diagrams, flowcharts and tables.
Section 1: A General Overview
. Oogenesis and Spermatogenesis
. The Human Sperm and Egg: Their Contribution to Fertilization, Embryo genesis
. Molecular Mechanisms: Endometrial Receptivity and Implantation
. Infertile couple—Initial Investigations
. Counseling in Infertility
. Thyroid Disorders and Infertility
. Role of Ultrasound in Infertility
. Unexplained Infertility

Section 2: Endocrinological Disorders of Infertility
. Menstrual Cycle
. Normal and Abnormal Puberty
. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
. Hyperprolactinemia and Infertility
. Luteal Phase Defect
. Obesity and Reproduction

Section 3: Male Factor Infertility
. Semen Analysis and Semen Preparation: Basics and beyond
. Evaluation of Sperm Damage
. Current Trends in the Management of Azoospermia and Oligoasthenospermia
. Sexual Dysfunctions in Male Infertility
. Surgical Sperm Retrieval

Section 4: Female Factor Infertility
. Female age and Fertility and Fertility Preservation
. Congenital uterine Malformations and Reproduction
. Tubal Factor Infertility and Ectopic Pregnancy - Diagnosis and Management
. The Prediction and Management of Poor Responder
. Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Infertility
. Role of Fibroids in Infertility
. Reproductive Tract Infections and Genital Tuberculosis

Section 5: Ovarian Stimulation
. Drugs used in ovarian stimulation
. Ovulation Induction and Super Ovulation
. Controlled Ovarian Stimulation and ICOS
. Monitoring of ovarian Stimulation
. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
. Ovulation Trigger
. Luteal Phase support in Assisted Reproduction

Section 6: Assisted Reproduction Techniques
. Intrauterine Insemination
. Oocyte retrieval and Embryo Transfer
. Prognosticating and Optimizing In Vitro Fertilization Outcome
. Third Party Reproduction
. Sperm Donation, B. Oocyte Donation, C. Surrogacy
. Adoption: Review and Current Status

Section 7: Laboratory Management
. Establishment and Maintenance of IVF Lab
. Follicular fluid screening and Oocyte assessment
. Analysis of Fertilization and Embryo Assessment
. Culture Systems
. Cryopreservation
. Current Trends - Human Embryonic Stem Cells, Poloscopy, Embryoscope, Assisted Hatching
. Embryology Instruments
. Recent advances in ART
. Critical Analysis of the Current ART Guidelines
Infertility Specialists, Gynaecologists
Chairperson, International Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health; Medical Director, Milann - The Fertility Centre (A Unit of BACC Healthcare Pvt Ltd), Bengaluru, Karnataka, India