Transport phenomena in biological systems (2nd Ed.)


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For one-semester, advanced undergraduate/graduate courses in Biotransport Engineering. Presenting engineering fundamentals and biological applications in a unified way, this text provides students with the skills necessary to develop and critically analyze models of biological transport and reaction processes. It covers topics in fluid mechanics, mass transport, and biochemical interactions, with engineering concepts motivated by specific biological problems.
INTRODUCTION TO PHYSIOLOGICAL FLUID MECHANICS. Conservation and Momentum Balances. Conservation Relations for Fluid Transport, Dimensional Analysis and Scaling. Macroscopic Form of Conservation Relations and Applications of Momentum Transport. Fluid Flow in the Circulation and Tissues. FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS OF MASS TRANSPORT. Introduction to Mass Transport. Diffusion with Convection or Electrical Potentials. Transport in Porous Media. Transvascular Transport. Solvent and Solute Transport across the Kidney Glomerulus. THE EFFECT OF MASS TRANSPORT UPON BIOCHEMICAL INTERACTIONS. Mass Transport and Biochemical Interactions. Oxygen Transport from the Lungs to the Tissues. Ligand-Receptor Kinetics on the Cell Surface and Molecular Transport within Cells. Cell Adhesion and Cell Signaling. Transport of Drugs and Macromolecules in Tumors. Transport in Organs and Organisms. Heat Transfer in Biological Systems. Appendix. Relevant Mathematical Concepts.