Veterinary Medical Terminology Guide and Workbook (2nd Ed.)


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752 p. · Paperback

Designed to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, the text offers easy-to-understand explanations of medical terminology and contains helpful learning features such as tips, case studies, and review questions. 

  • Describes medical terms with easy-to-understand explanations and phonetic spellings
  • Offers an updated edition of this practical guide to veterinary medical terminology
  • Contains real-world case studies, word lists, and review questions that are designed to promote active learning
  • Includes new chapters on medical reports and case studies and large animals, as well as helpful memorization features
  • Provides access to a companion website with images, audio clips, flash cards, and other helpful learning tools
Angela Taibo, AAS, BS, CVT, is an instructor at the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in Denver, Colorado, USA.