Everywoman's money:retiring on budget and on time


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Take Charge! A Woman's Guide to a Secure Retirement puts retirement planning in the context of essential life decisions every woman must make. Topics include viewpoints, philosophies, and myths about retirement-from a woman's point of view, how women are living out (and in some cases, out-living) their retirement, and learning from their successes and failures, the what ifs of retirement-common situations and questions, identifying how much will be needed, and compensating for taxes and inflation, investing for retirement, pensions, social security, and tax traps, and plotting and updating your strategy.



1.You Are the Planner.

Whose Job Is It? Your Employer Is Not Your Planner. The Adventure Begins. Counselors vs. Planners. Where We Go from Here.

2.A Life View.

Counting Backward. First You Work, Then You Don't. Will Your Money Work for You?

3.A Balancing Act.

Your Lifestyle Now. Your Lifestyle Then. Calculating the Difference.


It's What Makes Us Unique. The Five Things You Can Do with Money. How Your Government Makes Money.

5.Let's Go Shopping.

At Your Benefits Department. At Your Insurance Agent. At Your Bank. At Your Stockbroker.

6.Putting Together Your Plan.

What Do You Know? Do the Numbers. What Do You Need to Revise?


7.Performance Evaluation.

Did Social Security Do Its Job? Did Your Employer Do Their Job? Did You Do Your Job?

8.Add It All Up.

Are You Playing Catch-Up? The Pieces of the Pie. Windfall Additions to Your Retirement Plan.

9.Insurance Adjustments.

Long-Term-Care Insurance. Life Insurance. Disability Insurance. Health Insurance. Property and Casualty Insurance.


10.Housing Options.

Where Do You Want to Live? Are You Going to Live There Alone? Financial Options.

11.Preparing for Transition.

Hopes and Fears. Friends and Family. New Careers.

12.Uncle Sam Still Wants Your Money.

What's Taxed and What's Not. Tax Planning Strategies. Other Tax Issues.

13.Paying Attention Pays Off.

Managing Your Own Investments. Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

14.If You're Lucky

Family-Based Care. Home Health Care. Nursing Homes.

15.The Final Chapter.

Estate Planning. Final Decisions. Legal Documents.