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Authors Gelsi and Calandra tell us the heartwarming stories of regular folks who got beat up in the first bear market in ten years, but decided anyway to put their savvy on the line in one of the largest stock-picking contests ever, the CBS Survivor contest in Spring 2001. More than a competition, it was about home-spun wisdom and methodology behind the stock picks in a year that rivaled 1929 as one that destroyed trillions in wealth for millions of folks. From the investment club made up of pooled money from church goers to the 91-year old contestant who picks stocks based on passing trains, to the newsroom of experts who bet on the oldest stock listed on the NYSE-and won, this wonderful narrative lets us all know we're not in this alone.

1. Losing Our Shirts.

2. Making a Fortune.

3. Savvy Southern Women Score.

4. The Pros Get Shattered but Fight Back.

5. Day Traders Hit the Brakes.

6. African Americans Invest in Community.

7. Stock-Picking Kids Tout the Basics.

8. The Future at Internet Speed, for Better or Worse.