The Fifth Corner of Four
An Essay on Buddhist Metaphysics and the Catuskoti


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192 p. · 16.5x24.1 cm · Hardback
Graham Priest presents an exploration of Buddhist metaphysics, drawing on texts which include those of Nãgãrjuna and Dõgen. The development of Buddhist metaphysics is viewed through the lens of the catu?kot?. At its simplest, and as it appears in the earliest texts, this is a logical/ metaphysical principle which says that every claim is true, false, both, or neither
Graham Priest has held chairs in philosophy in Australia, the UK, and the USA, as well as visiting appointments in a number of other countries, including Germany and Japan. He is currently Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, and Boyce Gibson Professor Emeritus at the University of Melbourne. He is known for his work on non-classical logic, particularly in connection with dialetheism, on the history of philosophy, and on Buddhist philosophy. He has published articles in nearly every major philosophy and logic journal, and is the author of seven books, mostly with Oxford University Press.