Modeling of Transport Demand
Analyzing, Calculating, and Forecasting Transport Demand


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Modeling Transportation Demand: Analyzing, Calculating, and Forecasting Transport Demand explains the mechanisms of transportation demand, from analysis, to calculation and forecasting. Packed with strategies for forecasting future demand for all transportation modes, the book helps readers assess the validity and accuracy of demand forecasts. As forecasting and evaluating transport demand is an essential task for transportation professionals and researches, affecting the design, extension, operation and maintenance of all transport infrastructure, accurate demand forecasts are essential for companies and government entities when planning future fleet size, human resource needs, revenues, expenses, and budgets.

The book assists those tasked with constructing econometric models with choosing the most suitable solution for all types of transportation applications.

  • Presents the most recent and relevant findings and research - both at theoretical and practical levels - of transport demand
  • Provides a theoretical analysis and formulations that are clearly presented for ease of understanding
  • Covers analysis for all modes of transportation
  • Includes case studies that present the most appropriate formulas and methods for finding solutions and evaluating results

1. Evolution and Trends of Demand for the Various Sectors of Transport 2. Methods of modeling transport demand 3. Qualitative methods (Executive Judgment, Delphi, Scenario Writing, Questionnaire (market) Survey) 4. Statistical Methods (Trend projection, Time series, Panel data) 5. Deterministic (Causal) Methods (Econometric, Gravity) 6. Artificial (Neural) and Fuzzy Methods 7. Choice of the appropriate method

Professor for the Section of Transportation at Democritus University of Thrace in Komotini, Greece, where he has been teaching for 30 years. He has been an advisor to various Transport Authorities, including French Railways, the Greek Railways Organization, Greek Ministry of Public Works, and Greek Ministry of Transportation. He has been a consultant for may transport projects, including the Metro of Thessaloniki (Greece), Port of Thessaloniki, the upgrading and modernization of existing lines of Greek railways, and transportation and traffic studies for many Greek cities. His writing includes articles in Elsevier’s Journal of Air Transport Management, as well as books, Railway Management and Engineering (Ashgate), and Railway Engineering (Averbury). He has also authored several Greek-language transport titles.
G.N. Botzoris is Assistant Professor for the Section of Transportation at Democritus University of Thrace. His research interests include transport economics, public transport planning, travel behavior analysis and modeling, analysis and forecast of demand, sustainable mobility and effects of transport activities on the environment. He has published more than 90 articles that have been published in scientific journals, including Elsevier’s Journal of Air Transport Management.