3000 solved problems in chemistry (Schaum's solved problems series)


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Cover of the book 3000 solved problems in chemistry (Schaum's solved problems series)

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This title aims to help the reader review and master what they've learned by showing you how to solve thousands of relevant problems. It is intended to prepare you for graduate or professional exams complete with detailed reminders of problem-solving techniques.
Measurement. Structure of Matter. Periodic Table. Chemical Formulas. Modern Structure of the Atom. Electronic Structure of the Atom. Bonding. Bonding Theory. Organic Molecules. Chemical Equations. Stoichiometry. Gases. Advanced Gas Concepts. Solids and Liquids. Oxidation and Reduction. Other Concentration Units. Properties of Solutions. Thermodynamics. Chemical Kinetics. Equilibrium. Acids and Bases. Heterogeneous and Other Equilibria. Electochemistry. Nuclear and Radiochemistry. Nonmetals. Metals and Metallurgy. Coordination compounds.