8051 microcontrollers : hardware, software and interfacing (2nd ed' 98)


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Cover of the book 8051 microcontrollers : hardware, software and interfacing (2nd ed' 98)

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368 p. · 23.5x17.4 cm · Hardback
A stand-alone text for 8051-based courses on Microcontrollers or Industrial Controls. Using a clear writing style and a "nuts and bolts" approach, this text describes the entire field of embedded controllers - hardware, software, and interfacing - using the Intel 8051 microcontroller as an example. The emphasis throughout is on interfacing the 8051 to real-world devices such as switches, displays, motors, A/D converters, etc. - through both assembly language and C language programming.
1. Architecture of a Microcomputer.
2. The 8051 Single-Chip Microcontroller.
3. Interfacing: Hardware and Software.
4. The Basics of 8051 C Programming.
5. 8051 C Programming Examples.
6. State Machines and Interrupt Timing.
7. System Design Techniques.
  • Provides extensive discussion of device characteristics as well as many typical interfaces, such as RS-232 and IEEE-488.
  • Offers extensive coverage of system design techniques.
  • Provides abundant programming examples both in assembly language and in C throughout.
  • All examples were compiled and tested using the C compiler made by Franklin Software, Inc. - which provides a free evaluation version on the web site.
  • A disk - packaged with the text - contains all the code examples in the text, together with a free 8051 cross-assembler and documentation.