A welder's guide to blueprint reading (1st ed )


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400 p. · 21.6x27.6 cm · Paperback

1. Introduction to Print Reading

2. Types of Lines

3. Basic Drawing Views

4. Dimensions

5. Notes & Specifications

6. Materials

7. Weld Joints

8. Weld Types

9. Introduction to Welding Symbols

10. Advanced Welding Symbols

11. Additional Views

12. Drawing Standards

13. Additional Drawing Concepts

14. Review Exercises

Appendix A. Acronyms, Abbreviations & Letter Designations

Appendix B. Common Fraction, Decimal Fraction, Millimeter Conversions

Appendix C. Millimeter, Decimal Fraction, Common Fraction Conversions

Appendix D. Fraction and Decimal Equivalents

Appendix E. Welded and Seamless Wrought Steel Pipe Chart for Selected Pipe Sizes

Appendix F. ASME Y14.5 and ISO Symbol Comparison Chart

Appendix G. Master Chart of Welding and Joining Processes

Appendix H. American Welding Society Welding Symbol Chart