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Coordinators: Colvin Lesley A., Fallon Marie

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Chronic pain is a very common problem, impacting on many patients. Assessment and management can be challenging. The ABC of Pain focuses on the pain management issues often encountered in primary care.

Covering major chronic pain presentations, such as musculoskeletal pain, low back pain and neuropathic pain, the ABC of Pain also provides guidance on the management of pain in pregnancy, children, older adults, drug dependency and the terminally ill. Beginning with an overview of the epidemiology of chronic pain, pain mechanisms and the assessment of pain, it then provides practical guidance on interventional procedures and methods of effective pain management.

The ABC of Pain is a comprehensive, evidence-based reference. It is ideal for GPs, junior doctors, nurse specialists in primary care, palliative care specialists, and also hospital and hospice staff managing chronically and terminally ill patients.

Chapter 1: The Epidemiology of Pain (? +/- some health economics):.

Prof Ian Crombie/ Dr Bill Macrae (St Andrews/ Dundee).

Chapter 2: Pain Mechanisms (peripheral/ central/ sensitisation):.

Prof Fleetwood-Walker, Edinburgh.

Chapter 3: Evaluation of the patient in pain (Pain assessment):.

?? Prof Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Denmark OR Roger B Fillingim, Florida.

Chapter 4: Musculoskeletal pain to include fibromylagia, arthritis (rheumatoid / osteoarthritis), shoulder pain, knee pain.

Prof Bruce Kidd, London.

Chapter 5: Back pain - Acute and chronic management:.

Prof Gordon Waddell, Glasgow.

Chapter 6: Neuropathic pain (incl PHN/ diabetic/ phantom limb/ HIV neuropathy/ post stroke pain, spinal injury pain):.

Dr LA Colvin, Edinburgh.

Chapter 7: Visceral pain - incl chronic abdominal/ pelvic pain.

Dr Beverly Collett, Leicester.

Chapter 8: Post-surgical pain:.

Dr Henrik Kehlet, Copenhagen.

Chapter 9: Headache and orofacial pain.

Dr Roger Cull, Edinburgh.

Chapter 10: Cancer pain.

Prof Marie Fallon, Edinburgh.

Chapter 11: Treating pain in patients with drug dependence problems (incl use of opioids in non-malignant pain).

Dr Russell Portenoy, Beth Israel, New York.

Chapter 12: Pain in children.

Dr Suellen Walker, Gt Ormond St, London.

Chapter 13: Pain in the elderly.

Dr Debra K Weiner, Univ of Pittsburg, USA.

Chapter 14: Pain in pregnancy.

Dr George Harrison, Birmingham.

Chapter 15: Psychological and mental health issues:.

Prof Steven Morley, Leeds.

Chapter 16: The role of interventional technique in pain management (incl Nerve blocks/ Neuromodulation/ Surgical).

Dr Jack Barrett, Cork, Ireland.

Chapter 17: The role of physiotherapy in pain management.

Dr Paul Watson, Leicester.

Chapter 18: Complementary and Alternative strategies: TENS, ACP, Hypnotherapy/ relaxation.

Dr Margaret Cullen, Edinburgh + ? co-author for TENS.

Chapter 19: Evidence base for treatment:.

Prof Henry McQuay, Oxford