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200 p. · Paperback
This brief, highly graphic, colorfully illustrated text offers a beginning skill level in less than 200 pages.

Unique pedagogy lets students see, do, practice, and test every software skill, motivated by a concept explanation.

Introductory skills are covered in easily absorbed 2 - 3 page spreads which graphically demonstrate and reinforce each concept.

A business case scenario, running throughout the text, integrates all the concepts and applications.

Student Data Files are packaged in the Instructor's Manual (on a CD) and can be copied onto a disk for students, and/or copied to computers in the lab, or placed on the the lab's network.

1: Getting Started Starting Access Opening a Database Working with Toolbars Getting Help in Access Exiting Access 2: Building a Database Exploring the Databse Window Planning a Database Creating a New Database File Creating a Table Designing First and Other Table Fields Adding Field Descriptions Modifying Field Properties Saving and Viewing the Field 3: Table Design Managing Access Databases Adding a Field Editing a Tables Structure Reorganizing Records in a Table Adding a Related Table and New Record Finding Information in a Table 4: Working with Records Enter Records Efficiently Into a Table Navigate Through Records Edit a Record/Information in a Table Copy and Paste a Record Find Information Sort/Reorganize a Table Sort a Table Using Multiple Criteria 5: Managing Data with Forms Creating a Form with Form Wizards Editing a Forms layout Editing a Form - Adding a Field Working with Records in Form View Establishing a Tables Relationships Creating a Sub-form Adding a Check Box 6: Retrieving Data Crating a Filter/Select Query Adding a Selection Criteria to a Query Modifying Criteria Creating a Multiple Table Query Using Multiple Selection Criteria Printing, Saving, Reopening a Query 7: Presenting Data Creating a Report Using Report Wizard Modify Report Design Adding a Calculated Field Create a Report form a Query Improve Report Legibility Modify Report Controls Create Mail in Labels Using Mailing Label Wizard