Adult development and aging


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This 13-chapter text provides a comprehensive, highly readable account of adult development and aging, covering the entire adult lifespan with extra emphasis on late adulthood. The book is divided into four parts: Exploring the World of Adulthood (introduction, metatheories and research methods), The World of Body and Mind (physical and cognitive/moral development), The Social World (education, work, retirement & leisure, relationships & lifestyles, living arrangements, community support, & caregiving), and The Inner World (personality development, mental health, coping, & successful aging, confronting death and bereavement).

Part 1: EXPLORING THE WORLD OF ADULTHOOD CHAPTER 1: Adult Development and Aging in a Changing World CHAPTER 2: Metatheoretical Perspectives and Research Methods
Part 2: THE WORLDS OF BODY AND MIND CHAPTER 3: Longevity and Physiological Aging CHAPTER 4: Health and Body Systems CHAPTER 5: Memory CHAPTER 6: Intelligence and Creativity CHAPTER 7: Mature Thought, Wisdom, Moral Intelligence
Part 3: THE SOCIAL WORLD CHAPTER 8: Education, Work, Leisure, and Retirement CHAPTER 9: Intimate Relationships and Lifestyles CHAPTER 10: Mature Kinship Ties and Living Arrangements
Part 4: THE WORLD WITHIN CHAPTER 11: Personality Development CHAPTER 12: Mental Health, Coping, and Adjustment to Aging CHAPTER 13: Dealing with Death and Bereavement