Advances in Chemical Engineering


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This volume on automotive emission control emphasizes the role of chemical engineering in automotive emission control. Clearly the development of mathematical models describing the different functions of the converter(s), as well as their interaction, has been and still is crucial. Each of the contributions advocates the implementation of the latter, combined with experimental validation, rather than engaging into elaborate experimental programs.

*Provides original reviews
*Contains features by leading chemical engineers
*Reviews state-of-the-art developments

Chapter 1 - Dynamic Behaviour and Characterization of automobile Catalysts, Shinichi Matsumoto and Hirofumi Shinjoh, Toyota Motor Corporation, Aichi, Japan

Chapter 2 - Simulation of Automotive Emission Control Systems, Mehrdad Ahmadinejad, Maya Desai, Timothy C. Watling and Andrew P.E. York, Reading, U.K.

Chapter 3 - Current Status of Modeling Lean Exhaust Gas After-Treatment Catalysts, A. Guethenke, D. Chatterjee, E.M. Weibel, B. Krutzsch, P. Koci, M. Marek, I. Nova and E. Tronconi, DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany

Chapter 4 - Advances in the Science and Technology of Diesel Particulate Filter Simulation, Athanasios G. Konstanopoulos, Margaritis Kostoglou, Nicholas Vlachos and Evdoxia Kladopoulou, Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory CERTH/CPERI, Thessaloniki, Greece