Advances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes
Advances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes Series, Vol. 18


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Advances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes cover a broad range of topics, including main arrangements of the reconstituted system, namely planar lipid bilayers as well as spherical liposomes. The invited authors present the latest results of their own research groups in this exciting, multidisciplinary field.

  • Incorporates contributions from newcomers and established and experienced researchers
  • Explores the planar lipid bilayer systems and spherical liposomes from theoretical and experimental perspectives
  • Serves as an indispensable source of information for new scientists
  1. Charged Lipid Bilayers in Aqueous Surroundings with Low pH
  2. Denitsa Mitkova, Angelina Stoyanova-Ivanova, Stela Georgieva, Petar Todorov, Nikolay Kozarev, Yury A. Ermakov and Victoria Vitkova

  3. Application of Infrared Spectroscopy for Structural Analysis of Planar Lipid Bilayers Under Electrochemical Control
  4. Izabella Brand

  5. Electroformation of Giant Vesicles and Transformation to Oligovesicular Vesicles
  6. Yukihisa Okumura

  7. Coupling of Membrane Elasticity and Structure to Protein Function
  8. Georg Pabst

  9. The Micellar Cubic Fd3m Phase: Recent Advances in the Structural Characterization and Potential Applications
  10. Anan Yaghmur and Michael Rappolt

  11. Recent Developments in the Production, Analysis and Applications of Cubic Phases Formed by Lipids
  12. Annela M. Seddon

  13. Polymer and Colloidal Inclusions in Lyotropic Lamellar and Hexagonal Surfactant Mesophases
  14. Guruswamy Kumaraswamy and Kamendra P. Sharma

  15. Stabilisation of Lipid-based Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Phases by Nanoparticles: Perspectives for Colloid-Isasomes
  16. François Muller, Jéril Degrouard, and Anniina Salonen

  17. Bacterially-Derived Nano-Materials and Enzyme-Driven Lipid Associated Metallic Particle Catalyst Formation Rachel Sammons, Anqi Wang, Iryna Mikheenko, Stephanie Handley-Sidhu, and Lynne E. Macaskie
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