Aircraft maintenance & repair (6th ed )


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· 21.6x27.9 cm · Hardback
This text is one of five that compose the Glencoe Aviation Technology Series. Like all of the titles in this series, this text provides coverage of practical skills while building a foundation for more advanced learning. It offers a thorough presentation of all aspects of aircraft maintenance and repair, including information on new materials, structures, systems, and processes. This edition includes all the theoretical and practical information that students need for certification as FAA airframe technicians in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). In preparing the Sixth Edition, the authors reviewed FAR Parts 65 and 147 and appropriate Advisory Circulars, as well as realted Federal Aviation Regulations.
Hazardous Materials Safety Practices Aircraft Structures Fabrication and Repair of Wood Structures Fabric Coverings Aircraft Painting and Markings Welding Equipment and Techniques Welded Aircraft Structure Repair Sheet Metal Construction Sheet Metal Inspection and Repair Plastcs Composite Materials Assembly and Rigging Aircraft Fluid Power Systems Aircraft Landing Gear Systems Aircraft Fuel Systems Environmental Systems Aircraft Instruments and Instrument Systems Auxiliary Systems Troubleshooting