An Introduction to Law (8th Ed.)
Law in Context Series


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521 p. · 17.5x24.8 cm · Paperback
Extensively updated throughout, this new edition introduces students to a wide range of modern legal issues. Written in a clear and engaging style, the book expertly addresses the ways in which the rules and structures of law respond to and influence changes in economic and political life. It provides a clear understanding of the relationship between law and society, with particular emphasis on the importance of morality, dispute solution and business regulation. An Introduction to Law is a valuable resource for students of law, be they undergraduate law students, those studying law as part of a mixed degree, or students on business or social science courses in which legal studies are included.
Part I: 1. Law and society; 2. Law and morality; 3. Law and the regulations of economic activity; 4. Some important legal concepts; 5. Law and the settlement of disputes; 6. The making of legal rules; 7. The legal profession; Part II: 8. The European dimension of English law; 9. Liability in English law: the law of tort; 10. Liability in English law: crime and the criminal justice system; 11. The development and role of the contract; 12. Law and government.
Phil Harris is Emeritus Professor of Legal Education at Sheffield Hallam University.