Applied statistics for engineers and physical scientists (3rd ed )


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Chapter 1: Collection and Analysis of Information

1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 Data Collection

1.1.2 Types of Data

1.1.3 The Study of Variability

1.1.4 Distributions

1.1.5 Importance of Variability (or Lack Thereof) for Quality and Productivity Improvement

1.2 Measurements Collected over Time

1.2.1 Time-Sequence Plots

1.2.2 Control Charts: A Special Case of Time-Sequence Plots

1.3 Data Display and Summary

1.3.1 Summary and Display of Measurement Data

1.3.2 Measures of Location

1.3.3 Measures of Variation

1.3.4 Exploratory Data Analysis: Stem-and-Leaf Displays and Box-and-Whisker Plots

1.3.5 Analysis of Categorical Data

1.4 Comparisons of Samples: The Importance of Stratification

1.4.1 Comparing Two Types of Wires

1.4.2 Comparing Lead Concentrations from Two Different Years

1.4.3 Number of Flaws for Three Different Products

1.4.4 Effects of Wind Direction on the Water Levels of Lake Neusiedl

1.5 Graphical Techniques, Correlation, and an Introduction to Least Squares

1.5.1 The Challenger Disaster

1.5.2 The Sample Correlations Coefficient as a Measure of Association in a Scatter Plot

1.5.3 Introduction to Least Squares

1.6 The Importance of Experimentation

1.6.1 Design of Experiments

1.6.2 Design of Experiments with Several Factors and the Determination of Optimum Conditions

1.7 Available Statistical Computer Software and the Visualization of Data

1.7.1 Computer Software

1.7.2 The Visualization of Data

Chapter 2: Probability Models and Discrete Distributions

2.1 Probability

2.1.1 The Laws of Probability

2.2 Conditional Probability and Independence

2.2.1 Conditional Probability

2.2.2 Independence

2.2.3 Bayes' Theorem

2.3 Random Variables and Expectations

2.3.1 Random Variables and Their Distributions

2.3.2 Expectations of Random Variables

2.4 The Binomial and Related Distributions

2.4.1 Bernoulli Trials

2.4.2 The Binomial Distribution

2.4.3 The Negative Binomial Distribution

2.4.4 The Hypergeometric Distribution