Applied statistics for scientists and engineers


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This text is an innovative introduction to statistics for engineering and science students with a background in elementary calculus. Growing out of an NSF funded curriculum development study, the authors' goals were to create a cohesive set of teaching and learning materials - including text, projects, and labs that reinforce each other to form an integrated classroom curriculum that will meet the needs of future engineers and scientists. Probabilistic and statistical techniques are taught as tools for problem-solving in engineering and the sciences. Teamwork and cooperative learning are reinforced through the use of interactive labs and projects.
1. Preface
2. Introduction to Data Analysis
3. Summarizing Data
4. Designing Studies and Obtaining Data
5. An Introduction to Statistical Modeling
6. Estimation and Prediction
7. Hypothesis Tests
8. The Relationship Between Two Variables
9. Multiple Regression
10. The One-Way Model
11. The Factorial Model
12. Distribution-Free Inference
13. 2gif/super_k.gifk Designs
14. 2gif/super_k.gifk-p Designs and their Role in Quality Improvement
15. Response-Surface Methodology
16. Statistical Process Control
Appendix A: Tables
Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises
  • Reflects an applied, modern approach
  • Relies more heavily on computer calculations and simulations than on formulas and hand calculation
  • Mini- Projects and Capstone Projects give students hands-on experience in obtaining and analyzing data, working in groups, and writing reports on their findings