Becoming a nurse:: making the transition to practice


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Part One: Becoming a Health professional. 1. Making the transition from student nurse to registered nurse. 2. The art of teamwork and the concept of belongingness. 3. Transition as a process for newly qualified nurses. 4. Making the transition from University to the Clinical Setting. 5. Making the Transition to Professional Midwifery Practice. Part Two: Contexts and Competencies of Clinical Practice. 6. Australia's Healthcare System. 7. Professional Regulation. 8. Essential competencies for newly the registered nurse. 9. Applying competencies to clinical practice. Part Three: The working environments of registered nurses. 10. Quality improvement and the registered nurse. 11. Safety and the registered nurse. 12. Legal responsibilities and Ethics. 13. Professional development for registered nurses. Part Four: Being ready for Practice. 14. Putting it all together.