Betty crocker's cooking basics:learning to cook with confidence


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288 p. · 26.5x23.1 cm · Hardback
Betty Crocker Helps You Cook with Confidence!

Your Guide to Easy and Delicious Everyday Cooking!

Do you yearn to cook something simple yet tasty for dinner, but aren't quiet sure how? Then Betty Crocker has the book for you!
We created COOKING BASICS because we heard from so many of you that you'd like extra help and guidance in the kitchen-whether you're a new cook or have some experience but would like to cook with greater confidence.
We began by asking new cooks what they'd like to know about cooking basics. You told us to include:

  • The 100 recipes you must want to cook
  • How to photographs that show preparation techniques for each recipe
  • Cook time with every recipe
  • A complete Thanksgiving Dinner-you can do the whole thing yourself, or take a home cooked dish to a friend's house or family gathering
  • A do ahead dinner that's perfect for stress free casual entertaining
  • All the equipment you need to set up a kitchen, including helpful photographs
  • Photographs showing most basic cooking techniques
  • Nutrition with every recipe
  • Cooking ingredients and menu terns
  • The scoop on herbs, spices, food storage-everything you need to feel at home in the kitchen
Let Betty Crocker make you a confident cook with this picture perfect book! You'll turn to make it again and again for everyday cooking that'' easy-and delicious

1. The Basics of Geting Started.

2. Beef and Pork Main Dishes.

3. Poultry and Seafood Main Dishes.

4. Pasta and Meatless Main Dishes.

5. On the Side.

6. Snacks and Desserts.

7. Beyond the Basics.

Glossary of Ingredients.

Glossary of Cooking Terms and Techniques.

Understanding Restaurant Menus.

Helpful Nutrition Information.

Metric Conversion Chart.


Check It Out For Confident Cooking.

Thanksgiving Dinner.

Do Ahead Vegetable Lasagna Dinner.

Vegetable Preparations.

Common Preparations Techniques.

Twelve Terrific Herbs and Top Five Spices.

About Pasta.

About Salad Greens.

Yields and Equivalents.