Biology, including hundreds of solved problems (Schaum's outline series)


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Cover of the book Biology, including hundreds of solved problems (Schaum's outline series)

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This edition includes chapters on quantitative biology and enzymes, and updated terminology.

Part 1: Fundamentals of Biology. The Basic Structure of Science. The Chemistry of Life: An Inorganic Perspective. The Chemistry of Life: The Organic Level.
Part 2: Biology of the Cell. The Cellular Organization of Life. Energy Transformations. Photosynthesis.
Part 3: Genetics and Inheritance. The Nature of the Gene. Cell Reproduction. The Mechanism of Inheritance. Control Mechanisms in Genetics. Embryology. Animal Reproduction.
Part 4: Plant Biology. Basic Structure and Function in Vascular Plants. Interactions of Vascular Plants with Their Environment.
Part 5: Animal Biology. Homeostasis: Regulation of Physiological Functions. Animal Nutrition and the Digestive System. The Excretory System. The Circulatory System. Immunology. The Respiratory System. Hormones the the Endocrine System. The Nervous System. The Musculoskeletal System: Support and Movement. Animal Behavior.
Part 6: Evolution and Ecology. Evolution: The Process. Ecology. Origin of Life.
Part 7: Biological Diversity. The Kingdom Monera (The Prokaryotes). The Kingdom Fungi. The Kingdom Plantae. The Kingdom Animalia. The Primates.