Britain, Northern Rhodesia and the First World War
Forgotten Colonial Crisis


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An insightful account of the devastating impact of the Great War, upon the already fragile British colonial African state of Northern Rhodesia. Deploying extensive archival and rare evidence from surviving African veterans, it investigates African resistance at this time.
Foreword by Hew Strachan Introduction 1. Pre-war Northern Rhodesia: The Structural Weaknesses of Colonial Control 2. Labour Recruitment and Mobilisation: The Roots of Crisis 3. Advent of a 'White Man's War': Early Implications for the Survival of White Supremacy 4. Colonial Dependence and African Opportunity: The Indigenous Response to War Exigencies 5. Crumbling Colonial Foundations: Chiefs and Headmen at War 6. The Strain of Total War: A Colonial State In Retreat 7. The Nadir of Colonial Power in Northern Rhodesia 8. Re-conquest and Reconstruction