Cases in accounting ethics and professionalism (3rd ed' 96) paper


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Designed as a core text for an ethics course or as a supplement for any accounting course where ethics is covered, this text provides 25 ethics cases divided into four distinct sections: (1) human resource issues, (2) external reporting concerns, (3) internal reporting concerns, and (4) international issues. The goal of the book is to provide a sound philosophical framework enabling students identify, examine, understand, and perhaps most importantly resolve ethical dilemmas in the workplace.
INTRODUCTION Ethics and Professionalism External Accounting Environment Internal Accounting Environment PHILOSOPHICAL FRAMEWORK FOR ETHICAL ANALYSIS Ethical Analysis Moral Development and Virtue Ethical Reasoning Methods ETHICAL DECISION-MAKING PROCESS Illustration of Case Analysis - Questronics CASES: HUMAN RESOURCE ISSUES Ethical Considerations in Making Human Resource Decisions Helen Alyon Ed Giles and Susan Regas Jason Tybell CASES: EXTERNAL REPORTING Imperial Valley Thrift and Loan Software Innovations Bubba Tech, Inc. Linex Corporation Edvid, Inc. Engineering Associates Compu-View Financial, Inc. Cubbies Cable Classical Silk Clothiers, Inc. CASES: INTERNAL REPORTING Whistleblowing and the Professional Supreme Designs, Inc. Sweat Hog Construction Company Borwood Leveraged Buyout Creative Toys, Inc
United Thermostatic Controls Milton Manufacturing Company Pirate Steel Company Larkin Petroleum Company CASES: INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Ethics in the International Environment Transfer Pricing Quatish National Petroleum Company WeSeal, Inc. Telecommunications, Inc. ASSIGNMENTS Research Assignment Case Situation Role-Playing Exercises