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352 p. · 21.6x28.2 cm · Hardback
Daycare has become one of the growth industries of the 1990s. This book helps architects and designers plan care centres that meet stringent criteria for learning, comfort, safety, movement and control. Operational standards, licensing requirements and project management are all covered.
Introduction. Part 1: The Child's Environment. Raising America's Children. The Spirit of Place. Part 2: The Design Process. The Design Team and Its Mission. How to Start. Location, Land, and Building. Part 3: Essential Ingredients of Good Design. Light, Sound and Color. Textures, Fixtures and Furniture. Part 4: Functional Spaces. Laying Out the Center. Laying Out a Room. Developing Room Design. Infant and Toddler Spaces. Preschool Spaces. Afterschool Spaces. Staff, Parents and the Community. Outdoor Play. A Model for the Future.