Clinical trials in cancer : principles & practice
Principles and Practice


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368 p. · 17.3x24.7 cm · Hardback
This book provides concise, accessible and practical information on the practicalities of planning, designing, conducting, analysing, reporting and interpreting phase III clinical trials predominantly, but also single-arm and randomized phase II trials. This volume shows clearly how recent developments and current thinking can be implemented.
1: Introduction, 2: The public perspective, 3: What type of trial is needed?, 4: Design issues for randomised trials, 5: Trial size, 6: Quality of life in clinical trials, 7: Putting plans into practice, 8: Conducting trials, 9: Analysis, 10: Reporting and interpreting results, 11: Systematic reviews and meta-analysis, 12: Benefits of an established trials centre and research group
  • Brings together in one book the practical, scientific and ethical issues involved in planning, designing, conducting, analysing, reporting, and interpreting cancer clinical trials
  • The authors are all based at the well-known MRC Cancer Clinical Trials Unit in London
  • Provides comprehensive guidelines on recent developments and how current thinking can be implemented