Cloud Dynamics (2nd Ed.)


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As models of the Earth/atmosphere system and observations become ever more sophisticated, and concerns about climate change and societal impacts of extreme weather and its forecasting grow, understanding the role of clouds in the atmosphere is increasingly vital. Cloud Dynamics, Second Edition provides the essential information needed to understand how clouds affect climate and weather.

This comprehensive book examines the underlying physics and dynamics of every specific type of cloud that occurs in the Earth's atmosphere, showing how clouds differ dynamically depending on whether they occur over oceans or mountains, or as parts of atmospheric storms, such as thunderstorms, tropical cyclones, or warm and cold fronts. Covering both the microphysical and macrophysical aspects of clouds, the book treats all of the physical scales involved in cloud processes, from the microscale of the individual drops and ice particles up to scales of storms in which the clouds occur.

As observational technology advances with increasingly sophisticated remote sensing capabilities, detailed understanding of how the dynamics and physics of clouds affect the quantities being measured is of paramount importance. This book underpins the work necessary for proper interpretation of these observations, now and in the future.

  • Provides the holistic understanding of clouds needed to pursue research on topics vital to life on Earth
  • Provides in-depth understanding of all types of clouds over all regions of Earth, from the poles to the equator
  • Includes detailed physical and dynamical insight into the entire spectrum of clouds populating Earth's atmosphere
Ch.1 Types of Clouds in Earth's Atmosphere
Ch.2 Atmospheric Dynamics
Ch.3 Cloud Microphysics
Ch.4 Remote Sensing of Clouds and Precipitation
Ch.5 Clouds in Shallow Layers at Low, Middle, and High Levels
Ch.6 Nimbostratus and the Separation of Convective and Stratiform Precipitation
Ch.7 Basic Cumulus Dynamics
Ch.8 Cumulonimbus and Severe Storms
Ch.9 Mesoscale Convective Systems
Ch.10 Clouds and Precipitation in Tropical Cyclones
Ch.11 Clouds and Precipitation in Extratropical Cyclones
Ch.12 Clouds and Precipitation Associated with Hills and Mountains