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Plays up the most fascinating aspects of Egyptology-King Tut, mummies, pyramids, the pharaohs (including Cleopatra and Nefertiti), archaeological digs, hieroglyphs, and more covers daily life of the Ancient Egyptians and their religion, science, and technology Egypt and the Bible, including the Exodus controversy and the travels of Baby Jesus the Egyptian battles of Napoleon and Nelson, and King Tut mania and modern Egyptology.


1.Egypt: The Loss and Recovery of an Ancient Civilization.

It Came and It Went. Where Did It Go? Hard Survivors. Through Foreigners' Eyes. Picking Up the Pieces. Too Many Cooks Do Not Spoil the Stew! The Real Things.

2.Rediscovering the Past.

The Greeks, Again. Travelers and Religious Pilgrims Drop In. Europeans Start Taking Egypt Seriously. Napoleon the Egyptologist? Welcome to the 'Wild West'. Egyptian Archaeology Is Revolutionized. The Archaeological Record. Egyptology Blooms.

3.Ancient Egypt in Space and Time.

On the Map. Gift of the Nile. Frameworks of Time. Not Exactly So. Egyptian History in a Nutshell. Egyptian Time. The Name Game. How Old Is It?


Animated Speculation. Meet the Rosetta Stone! All in the Family. How It Works. Lots of Glyphs to Go Around. What Were They Writing About? Talk Like an Egyptian. Glyphs Are Your Friend. Egyptian Grammar School. Show Me the Words!


5.Daily Life.

Domestic Life. Going to Work! Everyday Things. Paying the Bills.

6.Science and Technology.

The Numbers Game. Sizing Things Up. Calendar. Medicine. Technology Time. Cutting and Chiseling. Gold and Other Malleable Metals. Wood! Getting Around. The River Road. Tying Up Loose Ends.

7.Religion: Organizing the World.

Gods for Everything. A View of the World. High Drama. Mansions for the Gods.

8.Mummies for Dummies.

Multifaceted You! Taking the Trip. Making Mummies. Tombs. Last Trip Down the Road. Purloining the Perished. Animal Mummies. Where'd They All Go?


9.The Earliest Egyptians.

Prehistoric History. Out of Africa. How Did They Live? A Radical Change. Life in the New Stone Age. Revolutionary Forces. Predynastic Times. The Road to 'Civilization'. Unifying the Two Lands.

10.Age of Pyramids.

Dynasty Zero. The Fighting Hawk. Number Two. Royal Concerns. The Old Kingdom. Djoser Rules! A Remarkable Time of Building. A Mysterious Discovery. Old Kingdom Times. Sunny Days. Going Downhill?

11.Pharaohs' Mountains.

Stairway to Heaven. One Giant Leap. A Lost Pyramid. Collapsed and Bent Pyramids. It Doesn't Get Any Bigger. A Most Amazing Discovery. Khafra Tries to Outdo Dad. The Great Sphinx. Smaller but Classy. The Later Pyramids. Construction Controversy. Infrastructure. A Reasonable Scenario. The Seven Wonders.

12.Chaos and Stability.

Bad Times Coming! A Golden Age. Middle Kingdom Writing and Religion. Losing ControlAgain!


13.Meet the Neighbors!

Borders. A View to the East. A View to the North. A View to the West. A View to the South.

14.An Empire Is Built.

Kicking Out the Hyksos. Back in Business. Hatshepsut: The Female Pharaoh. Building the Empire. Disrupting the System. Famous Because He's Dead! Cleaning Up the Mess. Setting Things Straight. Ramesses Is Great.

15.King Tut's Valley.

The Secret Valley. Tourists and Diggers. Three Incredible Discoveries You've Probably Never Heard Of. The Biggest Discovery of Them All! More Surprises. Village of the Royal Tomb-Builders. Moving the Mummies. Mummies on Display.

16.Egypt and the Holy Book.

Floods, Famines, and Pharaohs. Jacob and Sons. Abused by the Pharaoh. Pain and Suffering. Saving the Worst for Last. Natural Explanations. Who's That Bad Ma