Complete idiot's guide to the book of revelation


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Authors Bell and Campbell take readers through the symbols and explain events of the time when the Book of Revelation was written and their possible meanings. What was happening in Rome at the time? What have scholars had to say over the centuries? Is it metaphor or will it happen exactly the way it's written? The authors explore multiple schools of study and interpretation such as the Premillennial view, Dispensationalism, the Amillennial view, Postmillennial, Historical, and Liberal views.


1.Hey, Who's Been Messing with the End of My Bible?

Read Any Good Book Lately? Where the Jukebox Plays Apocalyptic Bebop. Apocalyptic and Apodictic. Death, Despair, and Destruction-So Cheer Up! There's a Reason They Call It 'Revelation'.

2.Future Schlock?

It's Only a Day Away. Hopeful and Fearless? Or Hopeless and Fearful? The Empire Strikes Back. Hearsay and Heresy.

3.A Drear John Letter.

The Beginning of the End. The Revelation Salutation. Meet the Author. My Lord, How You've Changed! The Times They Have a'Changed. Same As It Ever Was.

4.Seven Churches Get a Performance Review.

Fresh Churches: U Pick Your Own. The Church at Ephesus: I Got Those 'Lost My First Love' Blues. The Church at Smyrna: Down but Never Out. The Church at Pergamum: In Need of Some Good Bouncers. The Church at Thyatira: Guild-Y of Too Much Tolerance? The Church at Sardis: Dead Church Walking! The Church at Philadelphia: Weak Enough to Be Strong. The Church at Laodicea: They Make Jesus Want to Puke! Why These Seven Churches? Back to the Future.


5.Scrolled, Sealed, Delivered.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's Door. Who Are Those Guys? Scroll Call. Nothing Sheepish About This Lamb. The Heavenly Huddle.

6.Sealings, Nothing More Than Sealings.

Our Lids Are Sealed. God's Housecleaning Seals of Disapproval. Are You Sure You Want to Go Through with This? White Clothes and Dark Skies. After Six Terrible Seals, 144,000 Good Ones. Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's When We Were Alive.

7.Horns of Plenty (of Trouble).

The Calm Before the Storm. Torched by an Angel. Woe, Woe, Woe, Your Boat Sank at Trumpet #2.If You Thought the Locusts Were Bad, Take a Look at These Horses! Time for an Intermission in the Trumpet Recital.

8.Witness for the Persecution.

A Mightier Angel, a Tinier Scroll. Got Any Good Recipes for Scroll? The Man of a Measure. The Power of Two. The Witness Rejection Program. Still Waiting for the Grand Finale.

9.A Beauty and Some Beasts.

Who Plays Seventh Trumpet in Handel's Messiah? And You Think You Had a Hard Labor! The War Above the Worlds. You Go, Girl! (And Go Quickly!) A New 'King of the Beasts'. Two Beasts Are Far Worse Than One. And the Beast Goes On.

10.Where the Grapes of Wrath Are Stored.

That's It! You're Grounded. A Thousand Gross Believers. Just Call Them Angels of the Mourning. It's Enough to Make You Sickle. A Topic We'd Wrath-er Avoid.

11.The Bowled and the Beautiful.

Just the Blame Old Story. Last Is Hardly Least. Down to the Last Seven Super Bowls. A Call to Armageddon. Come Hail and High Richter.

12.The Elaborately Dressed, Blood-Drinking, Scarlet-Beast-Riding Prostitute.

God May Not Be Quick to Judge-But We Are. Ride 'Em, Call Girl. Here It Is-The Full Explanation! The Bigger They Are Aye, Captain, Thar She BlowsUp. Is That Angel Doing an End Zone Dance?


13.All Bad Things Must Come to an End.

A Hallelujah Chorus. LookUp in the SkyIt's a Horse!? Carrion, My Wayward Sons. Today's Forecast: 1,000 Years of Reign. After All These Centuries, the Devil Gets Fired. No Place to Run, No Place to Hide.

14.Imagine There's a Heaven.

Above Us Only Sky? No 'New"s Is Bad News. Urban Renewal. Talk About a Happy Meal! Pie in the Sky When We Die?

15.A Real Page-Turner Come