Complete idiot's guide to the great depression


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The Wall Street stock market crash on October 24, l929, called Black Thursday, precipitated the Great Depression, the worst economic downturn in the history of the United States. By l932, the U.S. faced failing banks, farms, and businesses a collapsed economy, and 25% unemployment. This book will detail the causes of the Great Depression, and the governmental programs that arose, such as the New Deal and the WPA (Works Progress Administration), and the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission). Perhaps most importantly, the book will explore how it could easily happen again. The author will show how an entire generation of Americans was affected, illustrating the courage and indestructible spirit of the American people and how they dealt with the hardships the Depression created in everyday life.


1.Ain't We Got Fun!

How Are You Going to Keep 'Em Down on the Farm? Bull by the Tail. Good-Bye, John Barleycorn. Good-Bye Wilson, Hello Harding. Silver Linings. This Side of Paradise. Torches of Freedom. Birth of the PR Man. Buy Now, Pay Later. Out of Thin Air. Fordissmus and the Flivver. Seeds of Trouble. Reasons for the Wall Street Boom. Americans Look Back and Ahead.

2.Who Says You Can't Buy Happiness?

A Great Guy to Play Poker with on Saturday Night. Quiet Man in a Roaring Country. A Walk Down 'Main Street'. A Couple of Visitors to Middletown. The World According to Mellon. Come on in, the Water's Fine. How to Get Rich Without Working. A Bootlegger Named Gatsby. Suddenly in Love with Lindy. Henry Does It Again. Highways to Heaven. The Air Hero as Pitch Man. The Saga of Submarine S-4.

3.Wall Street Follies.

Verses at the Side of the Road. The Problem of the 1920s. Quiet Man in a Noisy Time. Ten Words from Silent Cal. Great Expectations. Singing a Song of Cheer Again. What's Really Going on Here? Oh, the Changes a Day Can Bring. Leaking Like a Sieve. Another Way to Get High.


Not Your Usual Short Slump. When in Trouble, Call a Conference. What Goes Up Must Come Down. Lies, Naked Lies, and Statistics. Laughing to Keep from Crying. How Long Can You Live on Hope? Such a Day Will Not Come. Two Ideas, Both Bad. A Shanty in Old Shantytown. Who Are These Men? An Army in Retreat. Thieves and Plug-Uglies.


5.The Man with Three Names.

Hoover and the Valley of Depression. An Abundance of Democrats. A Pleasant Man Without Qualifications. Who Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt? A Contest Between Two Philosophies. A Long Wait for Change. A Scary Moment in Miami. An Exchange of Notes. High Noon at the Capitol. The Gift. The West Wing.

6.Have These Guys Got Brains!

A White House Visitor. A Trusty Trio. Sorry, the Bank Is Closed. Streak of Lightning. Putting Out the Fire. Handful of Marauders. Keeping the Necessary Balance. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States'. After All This, What Changed? Juggling Money. The Sound of Popping Corks. 'My Gosh, It's Mrs. Roosevelt'.

7.Alphabet Soup.

As Good as Gold. The Second New Deal. Not All Pick and Shovel Work. Federal Arts Project (FAP). Federal Music Project (FMP). Federal Theater Project (FTP). Federal Writers' Project (FWP). It Helped You Grow Up. Can a Blue Eagle Fly? Nine Old Men. Nothing to Do with Automobiles. What the Doctor Saw. The Social Security Act. The Wealth Tax. A Nation in Shock. Heading Home from Havana. Big Show on the Beach

8.Listen to This!

Friends and Fellow Americans. Gotta Have My Radio. Now a Word from Our Sponsor. A Radio Show for Everybody. Ah, There's Good News Tonight. The Radio Priest. That Old-Time Religion. The Gospel of Help Thyself. Eyes and Hearts in the Skies. America's Darling of the Skies. Fat Man at the Dinner Table.


9.Soup and Dust Bowls.

Rendezvous with Destiny. 'Hands Off the Supreme Court!' The Planned Economy. Stampeded Like Cattle. To Prime the Pump. If at First You Don't Succeed. Down on the Farm. River Keep Away from My Door. The Saddest Land I've Ever Seen. Voices from the Dust Bowl. Dust Bowl Balladeer. Not Since the Pyramids of Egypt. Does This Sound Familiar?

10.Keep It Movin', Buddy!

A Journey of Husbandry. A Nation of Migrants. If This Isn't Depopulation, What Is? Highways to Heaven. Cali