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360 p. · 23.2x18.7 cm · Paperback

Web animation is hot and this guide will give both beginner and enthusiast the tools and techniques to bring their digital designs to life.

  • The Complete Idiots Guide to Web Animation also includes learning to make animated GIFs, from banner ads to email attachments, building an animation project while mastering timelines and keyframes, and how to integrate the finished product into a Web site, learning basic principles of 3D animation, and a section on advanced 3D animation.
  • Bundled with an assortment of Web animation tools--Flash, Fireworks, Director/Shockwave, and more!
This guide introduces the reader to concepts and techniques in computer animation for the Internet. The book starts out with background information about the field, contrasts computer animation with traditional animation, and emphasizes that the Web is the publishing medium of choice for most computer animation today.
Marc Campbell has been doodling on computers and publishing computer art on the Web for nearly ten years. His big break in computer illustration came in 1997 when after working in a computer graphics firm, he was chosen to lead a design team at DC Comics. In this role he helped create and maintain official DC Comic Web sites, including the official Mad Magazine Web site. Since, Marc has taught Web design and computer graphics at the Millennium Institute of Computers and has worked with SE Technologies as Creative Director of Web site design, animation and graphic enhancement.