Creating literacy instruction for all students


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Creating Literacy Instruction for All Students 7eemphasizes methods that have been validated by research and practice, while delivering the basics of all major aspects of reading and writing. The Seventh Edition continues to be one of the most comprehensive, practical texts on the market, and includes a new focus on Response to Intervention and assisting struggling readers and English language learners. Creating Literacy Instruction for All Students provides readers with step-by-step guidance for teaching reading and writing, including sample lessons for major literacy skills and strategies. Reflecting the author's ongoing work with schools coping with the demands of No Child Left Behind, the seventh edition includes teaching tips and materials that are more practical, effective, and, extensive than ever.

Chapter 1: The Nature of Literacy

Chapter 2: Literacy For All: NCLB, RTI, and Diversity in the Literacy Program

Chapter 3: Assessing for Learning

Chapter 4: Fostering Emergent/Early Literacy

Chapter 5: Teaching Phonics, High-Frequency Words, and Syllabic Analysis

Chapter 6: Building Vocabulary

Chapter 7: Comprehension: Theory and Strategies

Chapter 8: Comprehension: Text Structures and Teaching Procedures

Chapter 9: Reading and Writing in the Content Areas and Study Skills

Chapter 10: Reading Literature

Chapter 11: Approaches to Teaching Reading

Chapter 12: Writing and Reading

Chapter 13: Creating and Managing a Literacy Program